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Resources for Inclusive and Equitable Discussions

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The Stanford Center for Teaching and Learning has assembled a relatively concise set of links and resources, provided below, related to inclusive and equitable discussions, as well difficult topics and conversations in classes. 

CTL welcomes requests for individual consultations from those teaching Stanford students. A “request a consultation” portal is available and inquires will be responded to promptly:

·       Inclusive and Equitable Discussions (part of a larger Inclusive Teaching Guide) addresses positive strategies for facilitating discussions, not putting students on the spot, and leaving space for student choice.
·       ACT to Sustain Learning through Current Events (stand-alone article)
·       Addressing Disruptive Social and Political Events (part of the Disruption Preparation Teaching Guide)
·       Setting Norms and Commitments (part of the Inclusive Teaching Guide)
·       Are You Ready to Talk? Toolkit (from Stanford SPARQtools)
·       Teaching Strategies for Essential Conversations, especially page 2 on how to navigate charged moments (stand-alone resource)

Carnegie Mellon has a very short written resource called “Make Sure Students Do Not Feel Pressured to Speak for an Entire Group,” available here, which is also addressed through the positive practices highlighted above.