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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging - Programs and Resources

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OFDDE seeks to advance the cause of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at Stanford through a number of initiatives and activities; some that are directly tied to the university-wide IDEAL initiative and others that are built into the mission of the office. Here you will find professional development/educational programs, groups, and resources for faculty members who seek to learn more about creating inclusive and welcoming environments in classrooms, labs, departments and units. 


NEW - Cornell Interactive Theatre Ensemble – “Hang in There and Be Tough"
3 sessions offered via Zoom   May 2, 3 & 4, 2023
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am to 12pm 
Faculty participants will experience an interactive online program that features a dramatized conversation between a doctoral student and her advisor, a Q&A with the characters, and a facilitated discussion. This program will stimulate discussion about the following issues:

  • The dynamics of race/gender and problematic attitudes and behaviors that may make the academic environment challenging for faculty
  • The effect of such attitudes and behaviors on individual self-esteem and academic performance
  • Challenges that faculty may face with other faculty, departmental culture, and institutional for climate students

Creating Inclusive Spaces of Belonging

  • For departments: 2 one-hour modules are available for use during department meetings. For more information contact


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