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Faculty Women's Forum meeting

Stanford Resources of Particular Interest for Women Faculty

2021 Women Faculty by the Numbers 

Stanford Faculty Demographics

2016 Report of the Provost's Task Force on Women in Leadership 

The Faculty Handbook contains policies concerning the organization and composition of the faculty, policies, procedures, and forms for appointments and promotions, faculty sabbaticals and leaves, etc.

Stanford Academic Centers and Programs

Stanford Offices

Faculty Women's Forum meeting

University Ombuds Office School of Medicine Ombuds Office

U.S. Centers, Resources, & Reports

Reports of Research and Trends of Interest to Women Faculty

  • Ratings and Gender Bias Over Time - Two new studies show how bias against women in student ratings operates over time, worsening with critical feedback and instructor age. Reported in Inside Higher Ed by Colleen Flaherty, October 2022.
  • Academic Women, Promotion, and Self Promotion – A study reported in The Economist, September 2013, documenting women's lesser likelihood of self-citation in published research (Daniel Maliniak, Ryan Powers and Barbara F. Walter, "The Gender Citation Gap," in International Relations. International Organization, available on CJO 2013 doi:10.1017/S0020818312000209).