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Welcome to The Office of Faculty Development, Diversity and Engagement.  The primary mission of our office is faculty success.  We measure success in the accomplishments of Stanford faculty, the diversity of the faculty, and the many connections that our faculty have with the University.  Another way of thinking about our office is that we provide mission support for the Stanford faculty.

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Inclusive Leadership Virtual Workshops (FAN)

Free virtual workshops available to Stanford faculty members through our institutional membership in the Faculty Advancement Network (FAN) of peer institutions. RSVP via the links below. 

IDEAL Provostial Fellows for Studies in Race and Ethnicity

Meet the five early-career scholars who joined Stanford this September as part of a program to increase research and teaching in race and ethnicity.

Meet the 2023 IDEAL Fellows



Scholars center equity-minded leadership to advance diversity in U.S. professoriate.  Four Stanford faculty members have been named fellows in the 2023-24 Faculty Advancement Network (FAN) Institute on Inquiry, Equity, and Leadership in the Academic Department.