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Research Resources

Stanford Research 

In addition, DoResearch  is a comprehensive site by the Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research (DoR) which oversees research activity at Stanford.  The site offers information regarding research centers, libraries, undergraduate research, policy and administration, training requirements and funding opportunities outside of Stanford as well as those within the University.   The site contains useful tools including some of the following links:  

Undergraduate Research Programs

For faculty members who are interested in finding undergraduate research assistants and/or obtaining grants to support undergraduate student research assistants may do so by posting their opportunities and seeking funding through Undergraduate Research Programs

Office of Science Outreach

The Office of Science Research (OSO) assists Stanford faculty in creating science outreach project ideas and proposals, including guidance to meet NSF's Broader Impacts requirements.  OSO runs several research programs, primarily for high-school students, and also for teachers and educators.  The Office can help identify potential partners and facilitates information and resource sharing among all of the University's science outreach programs.

Internal Funding and Grants