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Media Skills for Faculty

Are you as effective as you'd like in working with the news media -- print, broadcast, social and other online outlets? What are the benefits and risks of working with these media? What do you do when you get a call or email from a reporter? What's the best way to prepare effective content for a media interview? What should you do if you think you're being set up for someone else's agenda?

This interactive workshop is designed for Stanford faculty members who interact with the news media, and is led by Lisa Lapin, Stanford's Associate Vice President for University Communications, a seasoned media expert who provides guidance for faculty toward more effective interactions with the press.  Through a variety of exercises, including critiquing on-camera interviews with volunteers among the workshop participants, you will learn more about the benefits and risks of working with the media, crafting your message and responding to difficult questions, what to do when a reporter calls, preparing for interviews, your rights to obtain information before agreeing to participate, and more.