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Improving Writing Productivity

In this workshop, David Rasch gives an overview of the variety of challenges that academic writers experience to maintain high levels of writing productivity.  The session will include a discussion of strategies that increase productivity and sustain a regular writing practice.  By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Learn of both internal and external factors that influence effective writing and how to respond to them, such as procrastination, time management, performance pressures, imposter feelings, overwhelm, over-commitment, perfectionism, competitiveness, life balance, isolation, criticism and rejection, and difficulties with professional relationships;
  • Discuss recommendations and strategies for initiating and maintaining a regular practice of writing; and
  • Consider next steps towards improving their own writing productivity.


About the Instructor

David Rasch is a psychologist with 25 years of experience helping writers improve their productivity. His initial work on effective productivity practices was with academic writers who were hoping to initiate or sustain a regular writing practice. His approach is relevant to writers who may be struggling as well as those who wish to increase their productivity.  Dr. Rasch teaches and presents on writing at Stanford and elsewhere.  He is the author of The Blocked Writer’s Book of the Dead.