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Faculty Success Program

Stanford is an institutional member with the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD)-- an organization that offers online workshops, webinars and seminars on topics relevant to faculty life. 

The FSP is a virtual bootcamp that has coached hundreds of participants on strategies to manage the multitude of demands on their time, increase their productivity, and help them develop new skills to thrive in academia.  By the end of the 15-week program, participants develop new approach to their work, including new habits, particularly around writing. 

Testimonials from Stanford faculty participants:

"The emphasis on writing every day was transformative for me. As a junior faculty, I think it's hard to understand that the crux of our work is not only as a mentor and manager of our research groups but also, and perhaps more importantly, as a writer." -3rd year Assistant Professor, Clinical Department, School of Medicine.

"Learning to track time, to identify mentors, to make a semester plan, to delegate; I think these topics might be obvious to some junior faculty, but to me they were each eye-opening lessons about why my writing had been taking a back seat to other (less important) tasks." -3rd year Assistant Professor, Clinical Department, School of Medicine.

"One of the challenges of being junior faculty, even here at Stanford, is not knowing what resources you need to be successful and where to find them. The expectations are high but not explicit. This program stripped me of the victim mentality and helped empower me to identify and obtain the resources I need. Also, I really appreciated the true sense of balance this program tries to bring to our lives. It remembers that we are people with active personal lives who also want to be successful faculty. Most workshops talk about "work-life balance," but this program actually helps you to get there. It also provides great channels for accountability and trusted relationships to help openly navigate difficult issues in work and life without fear of being fully exposed. I'd recommend it to anyone and wish I could go through it again myself!" -3rd year Assistant Professor, School of Engineering.

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