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Mentoring Guidelines and Resources


  1. Department chairs or deans or their delegates should confer annually with each junior faculty member to provide counseling, i.e., feedback on his/her performance relative to the standards for reappointment or promotion.

  2. During the counseling session with junior faculty, the comparative and predictive aspects of the tenure or promotion decision should be stressed.

  3. It is recommended mentors who are senior faculty members be other than the junior faculty's department chairs. In situations in which the initial mentor assignment is not successful, department chairs or deans should work with the junior faculty member to identify a suitable mentor.

  4. Mentors should provide guidance on an ongoing basis and should meet at least annually with their junior faculty mentees.

  5. Junior faculty should also be encouraged to seek informal mentors from inside or outside their departments who may share interests and provide additional perspectives.

Additional information about counseling and mentoring are:


Faculty Mentoring Programs at the Schools

Faculty Mentoring Programs outside of Stanford


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