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Leadership Resources

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Chairs of departments and academic units on campus participate in quarterly Department Chair Briefings. These events present opportunities to learn about Stanford-wide initiatives and discuss issues and topics of mutual interest.  New chairs are invited to the New Chair Orientation held in fall quarter.

Resources for Department Chairs

Development Programs for Stanford Leaders

University Human Resources organizes a number of programs for chairs and other aspiring members among the faculty who show potential and capacity for leadership at Stanford.  The programs are cohort-based and by nomination, usually by the most senior leader within their school or unit in partnership with their local human resources representative.  The programs with faculty participants are:

Audience of men and women listen

Additionally, there are programs for leadership development such as the Earth Leadership Program, and several programs focused on various areas of leadership in business and other organizational settings through Executive Education at the Graduate School of Business.

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Faculty Advancement Network

Since 2020, FAN has hosted a number of Inclusive Leadership Workshops, open to all consortium members. Beginning in fall 2022, FAN is hosting the Institute on Inquiry, Equity and Leadership in the Academic DepartmentMember institutions may nominate up to 5 department chairs or other senior academic leaders as Fellows to this institute. More about Stanford's involvement with FAN.

Equity-Minded Leadership Modules in Canvas 

In collaboration with the FAN Leadership Institute, you may access videos, research articles, tools and reflection/discussion questions on equity-minded leadership practices in the areas of equitable assignment of faculty service and workload, faculty search and hiring, mentoring, graduate education and culture and climate. Two modules are available now and the rest will be added as they are made available by FAN.

Self-registration link for the Equity-Minded Leadership modules in Canvas.

Stanford is a founding member of the Faculty Advancement Network. For more information please contact Susan Drange, associate vice provost, OFDDE and a member of FAN's Executive Committee.

Learn more about the Faculty Advancement Network

Selected Readings on Academic Leadership

The Department Chair. Quarterly journal that discusses topics of leadership and management for chairs across institutions.  Stanford University has an institutional subscription, so current and past issues are available via Stanford University Libraries.  

Bibliography for Department Chairs

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