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CREATEngagement Resources


The CREATEngagement Checklist is intended for faculty members, department chairs and administrators as a tool to help guide thinking about how to create a more engaging faculty climate within the department or school. It provides a framework of five characteristics of a positive and engaging department/school climate, grouped together with actions supporting each characteristic. Individuals or groups can use this checklist to identify activities that already exist in the department/school and to think about others that might be employed to increase faculty engagement. It can be used as a discussion starter. Use in conjunction with CREATEngagement Toolkit.

CREATEngagement Checklist

Link for Stanford Faculty Quality of Life Survey 2019 - Results

Example of Community Policy on Respectful and Inclusive Behavior - Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Enviromental Sciences

Additional Resources

Brown University Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit, Guideline #3: Enhance Respect

Effective Policies and Programs for the Retention and Advancement of Women in Academia- WorkLife Law, UC Hastings College of the Law, January 2013

Gender Equity Guidelines for Department Chairs – AAUP

Goals for Physics Department Climate – Duke University

University of California Campuses - Principles of Community