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Breakout Sessions and Workshops

Breakout Sessions and Workshops during the Faculty Resource Fair on February 26, 2020 at the Stanford Faculty Club

Stanford Funding Opportunities: Strategies for Successful Applications
2:30 – 3:30pm       President’s Dining room

A panel discussion and Q&A about strategies for successful grant applications, with Tanya M. Raschke, Director for Planning and Operations, Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute and Ashley Dunn, Program Manager, Stanford CTSA (Clinical and Translational Science Award Program), Research Office, School of Medicine, moderated by Pauline Larmaraud, Manager, Research IT & Innovation, Stanford Seed Funding, Office of VPDoR.

Pauline Larmaraud, Manager, Research IT & Innovation, Stanford Seed Funding, Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research

Success as an Academic Parent – Work and Life with a New Child
2-2:30pm; 3:30-4pm     President’s Dining Room

Are you planning to welcome a new child into your family? Are you a parent preparing to return or recently returned from your maternity/paternity/baby bonding leave? This valuable session will explore how to manage the transition back to service after baby.

• Learn about essential support resources at Stanford to help balance your career and family needs
• Get actionable tips and ideas to help ease the transition back to teaching and research
• Explore coping and adjustment strategies for caregiving and a “well-blended” life

Caitlin Azhderian, Ed.M., WorkLife Portfolio Manager, WorkLife Office

The Power of Poll Everywhere
2-2:20pm and 3-3:20pm     The Library Room

Learn how Poll Everywhere, the Stanford-supported audience response system, can be used to support interactive classroom instruction and real-time student engagement. In this session, you will actively participate in poll activities and examine proven pedagogical strategies that leverage the power of Poll Everywhere.

Center for Teaching and Learning

Teaching Your Students to Learn
2:20-2:40pm; 3:20-3:40pm     The Library Room

Have you found that despite your students’ best efforts, they can’t seem to learn effectively in your courses? In many cases, students’ prior experiences haven’t prepared them for how to learn effectively in college or graduate courses. In this workshop, you will learn how to incorporate evidence-based learning principles into your teaching, with the goal of helping your students become more successful learners.

Center for Teaching and Learning

Navigating Sensitive Conversations in the Classroom
2:40-3pm; 3:40-4pm     The Library Room

Students enter the classroom with a diverse set of histories and experiences, and they might encounter course material and discussion that challenges them intellectually as well as personally. This workshop will offer you strategies for creating a supportive class environment and navigating sensitive classroom moments.

Center for Teaching and Learning

So You THINK You Aren’t Ready to Retire!
2-2:30pm; 3-3:30pm     PDR 6&7

In this session you will receive a copy of A Self-Assessment of Readiness to Retire tool and recently retired Stanford Faculty will discuss the transition to retirement, followed by informal Q&A.

Iris Litt, Marron and Mary Elisabeth Kendrick Professor of Pediatrics (Emerita), and members of the Stanford Emeriti Council

Between Raising Children and Aging Parents – It takes a Village
2:30 – 3:00pm; 3:30 – 4:00pm    PDR 6&7

Are you seeking support resources for meeting the needs of your children and your aging parents? Attend this workshop for tips and strategies for navigating these challenges and how to reduce the family demands placed on you.

Mona Hartmann, Child & Family Resource Coordinator, WorkLife Office